I’ve been down the road of trying to find quick and easy fixes to weight loss. After a long period of inactivity and terrible eating I discovered I was on a slowly sinking ship. My health was deteriorating, my physique was… nonexistent, and I felt generally lousy.

Like many, I wanted a quick fix, so I tried taking diet pills. And also like many, I found that they didn’t work. While taking diet pills what I discovered was how unpleasant side effects can be. I experienced headaches, anxiety, nausea, and lightheadedness. The side effects became so bad that I couldn’t continue taking them. Another diet pill I took promised to control my hunger and help me lose fat faster. They didn’t work either, and just gave me anxiety. In the end I had wasted my money on extremely over-hyped, well marketed diet pills that delivered nothing but side-effects.

After a long period of trial and error, I finally discovered that a diet pill wasn’t going to help me. My weight gain was a result of consistently making the easier decisions. After all, it’s easy to decide not to exercise, and it’s easy to eat fast food or junk food. Taking a diet pill was just another easy choice I was making.

I had to stop making the easy decisions. Once I stopped making the easy decisions, I started to lose weight. And, to my surprise, the more I made the harder decisions, the easier the decision to do them became.

This website was created to help visitors understand the dangers of diet pills and discover a safer, more effective weight loss alternative.

– Robert