Reunite With Your Valued Possessions By Hoarding Clean Up

A home or any work place that is affected by hoarding can be very dangerous and problematic. A serious action or step is required in order to solve such type of issue. It can also be dangerous for a person’s psychological health. Expert’s services are needed to resolve them.

Reunite with your possessions:

Cleaning up your mess or all the junk stuff can actually help you in reunification with your valued possessions. At times it happens that you have lost something and you are unable to find because of hoarding or the clutter. Hence, by cleaning the clutter and junk you often find your worthy possession.

Here is a comprehensive list of Dos and Donts of hoarding cleanup by Jessica Lanchang at


By: Jessica Lanchang
Oct 16,2015

It’s time to address that clutter mess! Follow this helpful list of do’s and don’ts for an efficient hoarding cleanup.

Cleanup Do’s:

Build that connection – It is important to be mindful and empathetic towards the hoarder in order to let them know you’re here to help.
Ask the professionals – Hoarding is a mental condition that may need professional assistance. There are therapists and counselors available that specialize in hoarding.
Keep on talking – Hoarding is not a temporary occurrence. It is important to continue talking with the hoarder to ensure the clutter is addressed.
Safety first – Safety is key. It is important to identify and discuss safety concerns in order to properly handle the situation.
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Actual hoarding services:

The exact hoarding services include the following things:
• Eliminate clutter and clean up rubbish and garbage.
• It helps in locating all the important possessions that may include jewelry or hidden money etc.
• It is helpful in coordinating, recycling and shredding as well.

Here is a very useful article about hoarding cleanup at

Creating Effective Hoarding Cleanup Solutions

October 21, 2014

Hoarding is a real condition that affects not only the person suffering, but every single person that cares about them. Popular media has made the problem more visible, sometimes in ways that sensationalize the complicated reasons behind the situation. Family members and friends may have the best of intentions when trying to help a hoarder, but without an in-depth understanding of the problem and the underlying issue causing it, hoarding treatment isn’t likely to be successful.
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What should and should not be done?

1. Do create a relation between you and the hoarding individual but do not make fun of that person.
2. Do show patience and deal with the situation but do not ask embarrassing questions for example why are you hoarding?
3. Do give respect to the privacy of the person; do not treat him like a child.

Watch this video from Spaulding Decon if you think you are the only one involved in hoarding:

If you hire professional hoarding cleanup services, you will save a lot of stress and time.

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