Are you interested in customized silicone bracelets?

Have you ever wondered what are these silicone wristbands all about? After all, they have become almost inevitable in everyday life. What is the basic goal of making them, and how can you use them to benefit you? Well, although these custom silicone bracelets can be used for many purposes, for the most part, they are part of promotional activities such as trade fairs, some fundraising, raising awareness, and for the promotion of one’s business.

As previously stated, these bracelets are an excellent way for promotion of any kind. They represent a quite subtle option that will capture the attention of intrigued individuals for sure. Not to mention, they have gained its popularity in the last years as a method of expressing any message one can think of. Numerous companies have realized the value of adequate advertising and its’ role in the business success. And, customized silicone bracelets are a great solution among many other possible marketing strategies.  

Types of silicone wristbands

There are three kinds of customized silicone bracelets available on the market. They differ in the way how a particular message is being embedded on the bracelet. Therefore, there are also different prices for each type. So, it is up to you to opt for an option that suits your needs and budget the most. After all, every type has its’ advantages when it comes to their purpose, needed quantity, and, as previously stated, the price. Not to mention, silicone wristbands can be found in any possible colour. In the end, the decision is all yours.

So, what types of these bracelets are there? Firstly, there are debossed and embossed silicone wristbands. These two are basically the same, the only difference being in the way letters are represented. When it comes to debossed ones, a message is being recessed down into the bracelet, whereas embossed refer to raised letters situated above the bracelet. Both types are made by setting into a mould, so there is a different mould for every different design. Debossed and embossed bracelets are quite high-priced option in the silicone wristband price range, but, at the same time, its’ design is practical and it serves the purpose.

Then there are printed silicone wristbands. As its’ name suggests, they are silk screen printed. The ink used in the process permeates into the silicone, and a wristband with a specific message is made. This ink is of a good quality, and it is long-lasting, so you will not have to worry about the design fade away from the bracelet.

Also, one can find laser-engraved silicone bracelets as well. These wristbands are plain at the beginning, and then, a message is written according to the particular specifications with a laser engraving machine. These customizable rubber bracelets are perfect if you need a smaller number of them, and, not to mention, they are also a cheaper option compared to other possibilities.

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