Avoid stress by using land clearing services


Many homeowners decide to change the appearance of their lot after some time. They want more space to build a garage, or to place a pool. Some of them even want to build a small basketball court for their children to play. However, it is not always possible because of trees and shrubs all over the yard.

It can be quite stressful not being able to do what you want with your land lot because of the vegetation. Luckily, underground utilities can help. No matter what are your plans, it is vital to think about the ways you can clean the area properly. Land clearing involves the removal of trees and other vegetation to make space for other purposes, such as urbanization or agriculture.

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Individuals define it as a responsible method of removing vegetation such as bushes, trees, stumps, and even stones from a particular area, to make room for urban development, and to improve farming abilities. It also includes taking care of harvest residue, branches, needles, or any other result of logging operations. If you think you need this type of service, you will benefit from land clearing Houston.

Clearing methods

Different methods are used, and each of them varies, depending on the type and amount of vegetation they need to remove. Their use depends on the size, the purpose, and the land location. Years ago, burning was used as a clearing method. However, it is now forbidden all across the world, because of environmental concerns and fire hazards. One of the removal strategies is a pushover, and it includes the use of major construction equipment. Here, trees will be transported off the land, with intact roots. Professionals will move them to another location and sell, or use for mulching.

When it comes to cut and grind technique, the trees will be cut down first. Usually, they are sent to another location, where they will be processed. The stumps will remain in the same spot, and professionals can grind them into a mulching material. They could also pull them out, using machinery.


For small plots of land, an efficient way of land clearing is a chainsaw. It can handle large trees easily, but the stumps and roots will stay. If you don’t want to spend money on hiring professionals, you could rent a backhoe. It should have a rake and fork. The rake clears small objects, while fork has transport purposes. Be careful, because you could destroy the soil. If you have no idea how to use this equipment, hire an operator.

The last method is mulching, and people consider it fast, easy, and cheap. Also, it doesn’t result in piles of residue. There are no chemicals used, and no burning employed. The hydroaxe mulching will enrich the soil by using mulch, a result of chopping up trees and stumps. As you can see, you can clear a land on many different ways. If you have no idea how to do the job properly, hire experienced professionals. It is wise to hire a trustworthy expert, who will get everything done correctly.

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